What if you forget to unhook the RideEasy Line from the chairlift?

https://www.gostatewide.net/marderos/5992 We spent 9 months working on the shape of the hook so that it only stays on the safety bar when there is a weight on it. Taking the hook off is as easy as lifting your foot and then flicking it off. It literally takes a split second. If you don’t believe me, check it out here:

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How much does the RideEasy Line weigh?

http://sparkbomb.com/magikan/2449 The product weights in at 99 grams or 0.22 lbs. That’s only 1/3 of the weight of an iPhone 8. Because it’s attached to your binding, which is attached to your board and on the ground most of the time, you won’t be able to feel the weight of the RideEasy Line at all.

Does the RideEasy Line fit all bindings?

http://toyotadostlari.com/?pizdfer=recherche-travail-homme-a-tout-faire&1fe=5d The RideEasy Line can be attached to 99% of straps on the market. The only bindings that it will not work on are “step-in” bindings. This is because those don’t have an ankle strap, so there’s nothing for the RideEasy Line to attach to.

http://antonpavlenko.com/?evioter=interracial-dating-in-new-york-city&b3e=87 If you are really unsure whether the RideEasy Line will fit your binding, take one photo of the inside of your front binding with a tape measure beside the strap, and another photo from a bird’s eye view, so we can see the thickness. Send them to us at relaxed@rideeasy.co, and we will tell you whether it fits or not.

How do you attach the RideEasy Line to the binding?

http://www.hawkerucc.org/monaxinja/7559 The RideEasy Line attaches to your ankle strap at the inside of your front foot. After researching many possible binding areas, I found that this was the best spot for the RideEasy Line to take the weight of the whole board. There are 2 ways of attaching it to the inside of your ankle strap:

http://www.landform.is/trataebebabakota/822 1) Bolting the RideEasy Line directly onto the strap. If your ankle strap has holes to adjust the size of your ankle pad (e.g Burton) then you can use a screwdriver to remove the screw from the back of RideEasy Line and bolt it directly onto the strap.

look what i found 2) Using our strap adapter: If your ankle strap doesn’t have holes, then take the ankle strap off the main frame of the binding, slide the strap adapter onto it, and then use a screwdriver to bolt the RideEasy Line onto the strap adapter. The strap adapter works like a belt buckle. After you put the adapter on, you can bolt the RideEasy Line onto it and then refit the ankle strap to your binding.

bloemfontein dating sites Both methods take a matter of minutes and require minimal tools. For a how-to demonstration, check out our video below.

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When will my RideEasy Line be delivered?

Being snowboarders ourselves, we know that the season is here and that you want to get your RideEasy Line for this season. We’re excited to announce that the factory will be delivering our new and improved RideEasy Lines by late-January 2019. We therefore anticipate to get our product to you during the snowboarding season in February 2019.

What is the Warranty?

We provide a 1-year limited warranty. We guarantee you will receive your RideEasy Line free of manufacturing defects. We have 100% AQL inspection levels to ensure quality.

Shouldn't the RideEasy Line go on the back binding?

During our testing, we tried to put the RideEasy Line on the back binding. We found two problems:

  • With the RideEasy Line on the back binding, it will only take 50% of the weight of the board because the other half will be supported by your front/attached leg.
  • With the back of the board hooked onto the safety bar, it will be parallel to the chairlift which will interfere with the people sitting beside you on the lift.

This image shows how the line will take most of the weight of your board while your leg will be able to rest!

How much weight can the RideEasy Line take? Is it easy to break?

We’ve tested the RideEasy Line to carry 130lb (60kg). With an average snowboard setup (board, binding and boots) weighing in at 18lbs (8kg), we’ve built in an ample buffer for you to rest your leg without any problems. You can even kick your leg around on the chairlift and the RideEasy Line will be able to withstand the strain you put on it.

Check out the video below for a behind the scenes look at our strength testing!

Will the RideEasy Line interfere with my riding?

Nope! The RideEasy Line doesn’t touch or rub against anything after it’s attached onto your binding. The cushioning of the ankle strap creates a clear gap between your boot and the strap. This is exactly where the RideEasy Line attaches to. It takes advantage of this space to “float” beside your boot when you’re riding. It’s securely bolted on so it doesn’t rattle or shift as you go down the mountain. We’ve tested it extensively with pro-riders and snowboard instructors without any complaints.

How long is the cable?

We were thinking about chairlift footrests when we built the RideEasy Line. Those metal footrests aren’t adjustable so we weren’t too worried about needing to adjust the length of the RideEasy Line. Having the comfort of the rider in mind however, we made two sizes for the RideEasy Line: Normal Length, which is 57cm (1’87”) long and Extended Length which is 62cm (2′) long.

If you’re shorter than 5’9″ (175cm) then get the normal length. Anything above that, get the extended length. If in doubt, get the normal length, as the worse case scenario is that your knee will be bent just a little bit more with the slightly shorter cable, but the RideEasy Line will still be taking all the weight of the board off your leg.

Can you change the combination lock code for RideEasy?

Yes, we built a combination lock reset button into the back of the RideEasy Line so you can set the unlock code to whatever 3 digit number you want.

Will this work on safety bars that have advertisements/resort maps on them?

We know that advertisements sometimes cover the bar, and are too large for the RideEasy Line to hook onto. Fortunately, they never cover the entirety of the bar, and there’ll always be space to hook your line. It won’t hook onto the advertisements or resorts maps, but you can put the hook on the part of the safety bar right beside them.